1. Panegyric

    (Comics adaptation of selected scenes from an original screenplay by Josh McCormack.)

  2. Ah, young love!

  3. booleancomics:

    Pest House has landed at Boolean Comics!Now you can read the round-robin western sci-fi collab story as it happens, and catch up to what’s going on. Plus, each page is nicely subtitled with credits to the author.

    But just to be nice, here is the story so far. Thanks to hipogram for letting me upload them there.

    Ye are cordially invited to watch this story develop, month-by-month, in real time.

  4. booleancomics:

    Pest House is now the official name of the collaboration comic I’m working on with hipogram. I tried to match the lettering to the genre, hope y’all like it!

  5. The “High Fives” characters.

    L to R: Art, Lucy, Toby, Penny, and Brock.

    For Pine Cove, 2014.

  6. booleancomics:

    Here is Page 5 of the still-unnamed western sci-fi collab comic I’m doing with hipogram! Lots to digest here.

    Chris and I have challenged each other to keep this on a one-page-a-month schedule. I was two days late with my previous page. Chris got this one done ten days early, even with a new baby. And isn’t it incredible?

    Time to up the game again! Up, I say!

  7. Ideating…

  8. TARDIS Slip

  9. Monday morning staff meeting superheroics!

  10. booleancomics:

    Sketching, subjecting my friend hipogram to the torture

    Ummmm this is pretty great. New avatar? New avatar!

  11. Trying my hand at something a bit different as of late. Fantasy map-making, Draft 1!

  12. Staying loose, staying limber, continuing to brush up on brushes…

  13. "Spider-Notes, Spider-Notes,

    Doodlin’ Spidey on my meeting notes…”

  14. Working on a new cover for the reprint of "One of the Greats." This might have a potential second life as a print, to boot!

  15. A couple o’ vistas…