1. Wal-Mart trip with the fam.

  2. booleancomics:

    Hey Morks and Mindys! I’m tabling with my good friend Ben Humeniuk aka hipogram at this year’s Houston Zinefest!

    Come by table 13 aka the “dudes with glasses” table

  3. Some Sunday sketches from a few weekends back.


  4. What I’m About

    Tumblr’s a funny organism- I interact with it mostly through my dashboard, which means I rarely see the outward-facing pages of the people I follow. I’ve personally got an “About” page on my account that probably hasn’t come across anyone’s dashboard, and if you’re curious as to what motivates my worldview, here it is in full:

    "Hip-o-gram": from the Greek Hypogrammon, meaning a copy of a writing or drawing developed through tracing the original. Lit, “underdrawing.”

    Hey, everyone. I’m Ben, and I live in Texas with my wife and our brand-new daughter. Welcome to my comics Tumblr!

    I currently do monthly strips for BLEEP Magazine, and in 2013 I released a graphic novel for at-risk youth called Makin’ It, authored by Kirk Blackard. You’ll mostly find my personal work here, though I’ll occasionally post outside material that I find interesting (and usually, with some explanation why).

    As a follower of Christ, I believe that we create because we’re made in the image of a boundless God— using our gifts to reinterpret and ‘retrace’ the wonder and the grit of being fully, humbly human. I think comics are fertile ground for that kind of creativity, and I’m deeply interested in this medium’s ability to move, challenge, and confound a multi-modal audience.

    Stick with me, and let’s see what we end up rendering!

  5. Continued soon…

  6. "The Flautist"

    My submission, in full, for Foxing Quarterly's Forever Green ‘zine.

  7. I’d make a bat-pun, but I don’t want you to think I’m Joe King…

  8. When in doubt, sketch Star Trek.

  9. doublenickelsforever:


    Pre-order starts next week  - $9.95 + $2.00 shipping

    A drawn tribute to the Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime album. 58 artists drew the 45 songs on the double LP - 182 pages of drawn econo. Featuring work from:

    David Espinosa Alvarez
    Derik Badman
    Josh Bayer
    Marc Bell
    Bunny Blake
    Shawn Bliss
    Josef Buchanan
    Jim Campbell
    Chris Cilla
    B. Erin Cole
    Warren Craghead
    Mauricio Cordero
    Razvan Dü
    Franklin Einspruch
    Shawn Eisenach
    Henry Eudy
    Sean Ford
    Jon-Michael Frank
    JF Frankel
    Gabrielle Gamboa
    Dottie Georges
    Tym Godek
    Allan Haverholm
    Damon Herd
    Jon Hioki
    Jim Horwat
    Ben Humeniuk
    Giuseppe Iacobaci
    Rusty Jordan
    Evan Keeling
    Jeff Langdon
    Danny Miller
    Hiyori Minato
    Simon Moreton
    L Nichols
    Les Overlord
    John Porcellino
    Luke Ramsey
    Ink Rey
    Dmitry Samarov
    Matt Schmidt
    Adrian Serghie
    Derek Shaak
    Brooke Sheridan
    Pete Sickman-Garner
    Scott Stripling
    Stephen Sturgis
    Ed Syder
    Sergio Varbella
    Chris Vorhees
    Jason Walter
    Todd Webb
    Dean Westerfield
    Geoffrey D. Wessel
    Andrew White
    Kelly Williams
    Lydia Wysocki
    Sarah Boyts Yoder
    Dan Zimmerman  

    Foreward by Marc Weidenbaum


    Privileged to have work in here alongside some pretty incredible cartooning peers. Excited to see it in full!

  10. New comic, A Brief History of Lambda Mu, in progress. Look for it in October!

  11. Allons-y!

  12. Commission for a friend’s son. He just turned two, and might I say that he has great taste in the things he enjoys.


  13. A Good Week for Podcasts!


    I don’t know how this happened, but I stumbled uphill twice after tabling at a local comics convention in Houston. First, the guys at Comical Podcast let me steal some airtime from their show on the convention floor (I start around 19:40):


    (Bonus points: I’m next to a great interview with cheshirecatart, and we’re followed up by ROB LIEFELD.)

    Then, my compatriot Josh (aka litterarum-lumen) and I had a great post-show conversation with Bryan from the Bry-Fi Podcast:


    All three of these gentlemen were gracious hosts, and are worth your repeat attentions. That said, regarding my episodes: Should you have an hour to kill, this is certainly one way to do it.

  14. comicsworkbook:

    Made for Comics Workbook
  15. According to The Toronto Film Festival, today is Bill Murray Day. And who am I to argue with Toronto?

    (Source: spx, via hipogram)