1. Simon Poster 4 (for Warren Lightning Rods)

    A little bit o’ that three-point perspective, y’all.

  2. Simon Poster 3 (for Warren Lightning Rods)

    More puns, friends!

  3. Simon Poster 2 (for Warren Lightning Rods)

    Going with my 80’s color palette…

  4. Simon Poster 1 (for Warren Lightning Rods)

  5. This week, I’ll be sharing pieces from a freelance gig I’ve been sitting on.

    Beginning with… more Safety Snail sketches!

  6. Douar Ain Bouchrik is an actual village in Morocco, buried in the Rif mountain region. Originally created in response to the Kuš! open call for the š! ‘Villages’ issue. 

  8. "Ex Libris."

    From BLEEP! Magazine, March 2014


  9. sweetjesuswhatanatheist asked: I like your comics :3 they are really well thought about. The corn comic is one of my favorites

    Danke! I hope to have the finished illustrations up soon. I really enjoyed seeing your art too- very bright and colorful!

  10. Vespa, Page 1.

  11. My latest contribution to the ongoing jam comic, The Adventures of Jambug (with booleancomics, makozlo, and cartoonistjohnboren)

    Panel 20 inspired by this legendary comics meme.

    If you haven’t started following it on Tumblr yet, come on over and give it a try. Updated frequently!

  12. Whipped up a submission to shaqzine — here’s a taste. Fingers crossed that it’ll join the litany of legendary Shaq material already slotted for publication!

  13. He was a sk8r boi, she said ‘see ya l8r boi…’
    (Illustration in progress)

  14. Far Beyond The Stars.

    Deep Space Nine is the legit-est of the Trek shows, hands down. I say this as a guy who cut his teeth on TNG and wore out his home video recording from USA Network’s 1991 broadcast of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Did you see those Dominon War battle scenes? Go on and tell me Sisko isn’t the most bad-ass captain of the franchise. Or that this episode, directed by Sisko actor Avery Brooks, isn’t brilliant, touching, and very germane to the POC-in-genre conversation, even 10 years down the road.

    Plus: alien actors sans makeup! A treat in-and-of itself.

  15. Skeler-torrrrrrrrrr…