1. Romance Comic progress report. I say it’s coming along nicely!

  2. Warm up round-up, July 14-20.

    You know: people, places, and things.

  3. "Lucy" concept sketch, 2014. Client: Pine Cove.

  4. comicsworkbook:

    Lane Milburn’s Twelve Gems is given the once over by Ben Humeniuk at TCJ. Check it out here!

  5. Courtesy of Frank Santoro, I got the opportunity to interview cartoonist Lane Milburn about his new space adventure-comedy, Twelve Gems! We delved into his technique, influences, and a bit of his outlook on life. The whole shebang is up on The Comics Journal— come on over and check it out!


  6. It Has Been Decided

    I bought my flight/room for spx tonight! Looking forward to attending and hopefully matching some faces to names (especially from the Tumblr-sphere). Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to volunteer for a few hours to boot.

    Now to start saving my $$$ for sweet sweet minicomics…

  7. Warm Up Round-Up, July 7 -13

    Life in motion; life sitting still.


  8. booleancomics:

    I’ll be on with hipogram talking comics and whatnot. It’s gonna be rad!

    Watch watch watch!

  9. Why yes, I am working on a comic about the Green Ranger…

  10. I saw Boolean Comics and Liam Cobb repost their Bartkira pages recently, and felt inspired to do the same— especially with Bartkira the site now up and running!

    This is for Vol. 5, pages 316 - 320. I decided to sprinkle in Simpsons versions of Art Spiegelman, Alan Moore, Daniel Clowes, and Neil Gaiman as my character models. (Gaiman’s got the messy black hair and baseball cap, for example; Moore’s got the beard.) The dialogue is a cross-pollination of the Marvel/Epic adaptation and the Dark Horse version.

    Bonus goal: getting some color on these guys before Vol. 5 goes live!

    (Source: hipogram)

  11. New short comic in progress, written by my bud Josh McCormack. It’s a 50’s-set boy-meets-girl piece. Heavily referring to my tradeback of Marvel Romance for shot ideas!

  12. Warm Up Round Up, July 1-6.

    Rooms, roads, parental visits, and a restaurant whose decor you miiiiight recognize.

  13. This month’s BLEEP! Magazine contains far more Bill Murray than you require, but when has that ever been an issue? In addition to fine comiking, you’ll also find a bevy of articles on dance, theater, the life of a Hollywood neophyte, and fitness for men. Indulge your eyes for free here: http://issuu.com/bleepmag/docs/bleepmag406

  14. "From a Great Height"

    My submission for the Altcomix Comic Challenge.

    Text by Bob Schofield.


  15. Warm Up Round Up for June 23 - 29, 2014.

    A little bit of driving, flying, and going to church, family reunions, and sports camps. All in all, a busy week!